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Anchor Points

"Life is full of transition . . . we help with the financial ones."


“Never spend money before you have it.”

― Thomas Jefferson

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Eliminate Debt & Plan for Purchases.

A program to aggressively eliminate all debt (other than a mortgage) should follow the preceding Anchor Points. Every dollar that is available should be applied to paying off the smallest debt.

Next and equally important is to plan for purchases . . . be sure not to forget purchases!

Those things that you will purchase or pay for that are in the not so distant future.
These are bills, expenses, or plans that are coming within 12 months. Estimate the need, and save a monthly amount that will produce that amount . . . it’s a mini savings plan. These should  be included in your monthly budget and taken seriously.  

Planning for these “periodic” items will keep debt from becoming an attractive option.

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