Wellness Classes

Anchor's wellness classes will help participants identify financial strengths and weaknesses, create spending plans that lower stress

and increase net worth.  Classes are an hour long and designed to efficiently guide you to a higher level of financial wellness.

5 Session Class              $70 per participant per class (10 participant minimum) 

3 Session Class              $50 per participant per class (10 participant minimum)

70% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck

- Wall Street Journal

The average business will recover the cost of

coaching within the first month! 

Personal Financial Education has only become a priority in the American Educational System over the last several years. We now have generations of people that are uneducated in the area of modern personal finance.

A snapshot of the average American Family
    Credit Card debt                 $15,799
    Mortgage debt                  $149,667
    Student Loan debt            $32, 559
    Car Loan debt                     $13,125

There is a unique opportunity for collaboration between Anchor Financial Wellness (AFW) and any organization that has an interest in aiding families to achieve financial peace.  A financial wellness program would provide a valuable opportunity where families could get the information and support needed to become financially successful. Ask us how we can partner with you to support your members!
We are in the business of financial education. With our key partnerships, we are able to focus on financial well being. Our approach is to develop tools and resources to help families succeed financially. AFW provides wisdom, education and practical solutions for most financial situations.

Business Coaching Services

  • Cash Flow
  • Equity & Capital
  • Debt
  • Revenue Building
  • Retained Earning
  • Valuation/Organization
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Inventory/AP/AR
  • Advertising/Marketing Plans



 Personal Coaching



Sessions per Month                       Rate per Session

1                                                       $115

2                                                       $100

 4                                                          $90 


The average person working our program will recover the cost of coaching within the first 4 - 6 weeks!

Check - Ups

Annual Check - Up     $115

Semi-Annual Check - Up $180 when scheduled in advance.

Personal Coaching Services

  • Budgets
  • Net Worth
  • Debt
  • Income Issues
  • Savings Plans
  • Investing Strategies
  • Insurance Review
  • Retirement/Legacy
  • Building/Growing Families
  • Singles


Start your journey to financial freedom with the

longest tenured Dave Ramsey Financial Coach in the country!

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 Business Coaching



Sessions per Month                       Rate per Session

1                                                       $150

2                                                       $135

 4                                                       $120 


"Life is full of transition . . . we help with the financial ones."